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BESC Serves the Bonny Eagle community consisting of the towns of Buxton, Hollis, Limington and Standish

Bonny Eagle Soccer Club


Bonny Eagle Soccer Club



 What is the Bonny Eagle Soccer Club (“BESC”)?

Who is eligible to play?

What is the time commitment?

How far do teams travel?

What is the cost?

How do I register my child?  

Does everyone make the team?

How do I order a uniform?

Who coaches the teams and what are their credentials?

How is playing time determined?

*****PLEASE NOTE: The following information/FAQ's are general answers, and DO NOT reflect any changes related to COVID-19 guidelines or restrictions. We will update with the appropriate information as soon as possible*****


What is the Bonny Eagle Soccer Club (“BESC”)?

BESC is a non-profit organization that provides a competitive soccer playing experience for children between the ages of eight (U9) and 13 (U14) who reside in the MSAD6 district.  The mission of BESC is to foster an environment within the community that promotes the love of soccer with a full continuum of programs for all levels of play.  This will be accomplished by supporting organized instruction, individual and team development, sportsmanship, and a commitment to a competitive atmosphere.

We strive to challenge and inspire our players to reach their full potential and prepare them for their next level of play through physical, technical, and tactical development by utilizing well-trained and licensed coaches and a quality instructional program.  We place player development above winning and stress the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and community service in the character of a quality soccer player. We will provide a safe and fun environment to enable our members to develop a lifelong passion for the sport of soccer so they may do the same for future generations.

BESC is run entirely by volunteers and is separate from town recreational programs and Bonny Eagle school soccer programs 



Who is Eligible to Play?

BESC is affiliated with Soccer Maine and primarily competes in Soccer Maine’s Fall Classic League.  The club fields both boys’ and girls’ teams in the U9 through U14 age groups.  In order to be eligible to play for a BESC team, a player must reside within the MSAD6 district (defined as living at least 50% of the time with a parent or legal guardian that resides within the district).


Age groups for the 2020 Fall season are as follows:


Age Group

Child’s Date of Birth


08/01/2011– 07/31/2013*


08/01/2010 – 07/31/2011


08/01/2009 – 07/31/2010


08/01/2008 – 07/31/2009


08/01/2007 - 07/31/2008


08/01/2006 – 07/31/2007


* Children 7 years of age or entering the 3rd grade in the fall are also eligible to try out for a U9 team.  A 7 year old child joining the club would play at the U9 level for two (2) years until they are age appropriate to move to the U10 level.


A player whose school grade is different than the normal for their age will be allowed to try out for one (1) age group up (“grade appropriate”) and will be considered according to their skill level.



What is the Time Commitment?

Practices begin the first week of August with league games typically beginning the last weekend in August.  The season ends in either late October or the first week of November, depending on the age group.  A typical week will include two (2) weeknight practices and one (1) or two (2) games, played on the weekends, primarily on Sundays.   Games will be a combination of league games (6) and several “friendly” games coordinated with other clubs.  Additionally, BESC team participate in a Columbus Day tournament in October.  Players are expected to attend all practices and games. 



How Far do Teams Travel?

Soccer Maine and BESC make every effort to strike a balance between Home and Away games.  Most away games are held within a sixty (60) minute drive of MSAD6.  However, on occasion, a game may require additional travel.  Additionally, playoff bracketing for U12 – U14 teams is statewide and may result in games anywhere within the Soccer Maine territory.  



What is the Cost?

For the 2020 fall season, the cost for a single player at the U9 and U10 levels will be $150.  The cost for a single player at the U11 through U14 levels will be $170.  For families with multiple participating players, family discounts apply.  If at least one player is at the U9 or U10 level, the second player will receive a $50 discount.  If no players are at the U9 or U10 level, the second player will receive a $70 discount. New members with a child level U12 and under will receive a $50 discount. Please contact the Club Registrar at [email protected] with any questions. 


The cost of participation in the Labor Day Tournament is included in the registration price.  Registration fees are due at the time of registration. 



Each player is also required to purchase the official BESC Uniform which includes two (2) game jerseys, shorts, and game socks (2 pairs recommended).  The cost of the uniform is under $50.  These uniforms will be owned by the player and do not need to be returned.  They may be used for multiple seasons at their discretion; purchase of a uniform is not required for returning players in 2020, unless the child has outgrown theirs.  In addition to the uniform, each player should have their own ball (size appropriate for the age group), shin guards, a water bottle, and mouth guard (optional).  Players are required to bring these items to every practice and game. 


Players may also purchase other BESC items, such as jackets, backpacks, or other clothing items at their discretion. 




How Do I Register My Child?

Registration will open on March 28th and close on June 30th for the 2020 Fall season.  For more information on the registration process, visit  Registration can be done online.  Please contact the club Registrar at [email protected] with any questions regarding registration. 


Every year, each player new and returning must complete either the online or paper application.  If a paper application is completed, a Code of Conduct Form and Internet Permission Form must also be completed.   Every player who is new to BESC will also be required to provide proof of age via a State-issued birth certificate and may be required to provide proof of residency. 




Does Everyone Make a Team?

For the fall 2020 season, player evaluations for U9 through U12 will be held at Tory Hill fields [TBA], depending on player level.  It is expected that all returning and new players attend evaluations.  Attendance at evaluations is an important part of the process. We understand not every player is able to attend evaluation due to scheduling conflicts, etc.  However, players and parents must understand that evaluations will be used to make roster decisions, divide teams appropriately, and evaluate a team’s overall level when applying to Soccer Maine for the season. 


Players that are unable to attend evaluations will be considered for selection to a team under the following scenarios:

o   Returning Players:  A returning player missing evaluations due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict or medically documented injury must receive an excused absence from the appropriate member of the Board of Directors (President, Vice President, or Coaching Director).  Returning players with an excused absence will be considered for selection to a team based on prior experience with the player.

o   New Players:  A player that has not played for BESC before and is unable to attend evaluations will be considered for selection to a team if 1) no players were cut from the team s/he would be playing for and 2) there is room on the roster.

o   Players Relocating to MSAD6:  A player that relocated to MSAD6 after evaluations have occurred may be considered for selection to a team if 1) no players were cut from the team s/he would be playing for and 2) there is room on the roster.


While we make every effort to accommodate as many players as possible, player cuts may be necessary in the competitive age levels (U12 – U14).  Additionally, if there are insufficient player numbers to field a team and there are no other options, players may not be offered a roster spot.  Any players not offered a roster spot will be refunded in full for registration fees.




How Do I Order a Uniform?

Uniform sizing opportunities are offered at registration nights hosted by the club or at player evaluations.  Once teams are established following evaluations, instructions for ordering uniforms will be published via email and on the BESC website.  It is important that you do not order a uniform prior to receiving confirmation of team assignment as no refunds will be issued for uniform orders. 


Before you place a uniform order, please consult the Player Spreadsheet to obtain your child’s uniform number.  If your child’s name is not listed on the spreadsheet, email the club Registrar at [email protected].  If you order the wrong number, you will need to other another uniform so please be sure to double-check the player spreadsheet and only order the number listed for your child. 



Who Coaches the Teams and What are their Credentials?

BESC coaches are all volunteers who contribute dozens of hours of their time over the course of the season.  Most coaches have a son or daughter on the team they coach.  All BESC coaches are required to complete the “Youth Module” from Soccer Maine to coach at any level.   All coaches at the U12 level and above are also required to complete the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) “E” license certification.  Most of our coaching directors have also completed the “D” license certification and have years of coaching experience.


If you are interested in coaching for BESC, please contact the applicable Coaching Director as shown in the Contact Us section of our website at



How is Playing Time Determined?

Soccer Maine rules require that all players in the non-competitive age groups (U9 through U11) play 50% of the time.  There are no Soccer Maine requirements at the competitive levels (U12 through U14).   At these levels, BESC coaches have latitude in determining playing time.  Most coaches will communicate their playing time policies to parents and players prior to the season in order to set expectations. 

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