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The Fall Travel Soccer Schedule will hopefully be released by August 1st, but often is released as late as August 15th with a few changes lingering beyond that date. You can find the schedule on the Soccer Maine Website,

Our first league game is scheduled for August 26, 2018.

The League games usually on Sundays and are scheduled at each location by SoccerMaine.  We are responsible for contacting our referee assignor to schedule times and fields, for our HOME games. There are six league games during the season.

Our referee assignor is: Tom Silva, and he can be reached at:  [email protected]

Friendly games are usually scheduled for Saturdays, practice nights, or after league games on Sunday. The club usually provides us with enough referee money for eight friendlies.  You will need to contact our ref. assignor, to schedule these on our home fields.  Or go to another clubs fields, and let them tell you the details. Either way, we are responsible for our half of the referee fees. ***DO NOT FORGET TO PAY THE REFEREE, prior to the start of the game. ***See Fall Classic League Handbook for amounts to pay referees, based on age i.e U9-U14.

Once the schedule is published on SoccerMaine, you can find contact information for other clubs/teams under the detail tab on the schedule. Sometimes the information is not updated, so you may have to look at the other soccer clubs website for information, or just email them for a team contact.  When you email the other team to: request a friendly, inform them of a scheduled game, or for any other reason be sure to include who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. I.e  Hi John, My name is Jane Smith and I am the team admin for the Bonny Eagle U11 Girls….. etc, etc, etc.  One thing that I found helpful was to create a mass email to several teams to request friendlies. Give them dates, and first come , first serve options for games at our fields. Your schedule will develop over time, be patient. 

Keep your club contacts, as some stay the same over the years, and it helps to get a jump start from year to year.

IMPORTANT!!! Early in the season, parents should be told that the schedule details are still being worked out, as there are many people that need to be contacted to work out the details. They should review the schedule often, as it can change. You will be the busiest in the beginning of the season working out the details, then it will become more relaxed.

Once the details are set and the game is approaching; I will remind the visiting team of the location and time, usually include a link with google maps, and any important parking information for their parents.

The away team should do the same, but this often doesn’t happen. I will email my parents with the details and field directions, in the same manner, for our away games.  Field directions can often be found on the Soccer Maine website, but sometimes are not correct. Double check and use your own google maps link.

On the  Soccer Maine website you will also find the Rules in the Fall Classic League Handbook, this is specific to this league, and often there is a separate handbook for each league, i.e. Pine Tree League (Spring Soccer), etc. In the handbook you can find the amounts that are paid to the referees and many other interesting details. You or someone on your team will be responsible to make sure that the referee is paid for each game, both league & friendly games. Each team is responsible for half of the fees, no matter which field you are on (home/away).

You can create the schedule for your parents however you wish, in any form that works well for you.  I use a website called: TeamSnap (free version)  This works well with smartphones, most people today have either iphones or android devices. They can also access this from their computer.  You will need to obtain the roster, and enter all the players on your roster.  Once complete, you can send them an invitation to join TeamSnap.  Here you schedule the games, make changes, send emails, etc.  Enter the coaches as new players, but check off the box at the bottom of the information screen as NON-PLAYER.  Once people join, they can update their players information and add additional emails for which they would like to be contacted: Work, personal, multiple parents, grand parents, etc. 

We will also have the Columbus Day Tournament, and Festivals at the end of the season. The referee fees are already paid. You are off the hook for these. Have fun, it’s festive for the kiddos. Bring colorful hairspray and face paint, bond as a team!

Remind parents that they are required to volunteer for two hours throughout the season.  They can volunteer at festivals (concessions, parking, field marshalls, etc), paint the lines at the home fields (often during practice).  No experience necessary, just a helping hand. Our first event is Kick Cancer in the Grass at the Hollis Sports Complex.

You will be the point of contact between: parents, coaches, board members, etc.

Feel free to call or text Jill White, our resident admin expert, at:
C. 329-3055.

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